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  • 品牌:美国Gatan
  • 型号: SC200(Model 830)
  • 产地:美国
  • 供应商报价: 面议
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The Model 830 SC200 CCD camera is a new member to the ORIUS familly of high performance CCD cameras. It is a 2k x 2k CCD (4M pixels) camera designed to deliver extraordinary resolution and TV readout speed for imaging applications in both life and materials science. The combination of HCR (high-contrast resolution) optical technology, and advanced CCD readout electronics has given the SC200 camera the best price-performance value.

This camera which is offered in both 35mm and bottom port configurations can also provide a high resolution view of the sample making it ideal for use in materials science imaging applications and life science applications such as small particles, cryo, low dose and viruses. The side mount configuration is offered to 120kV TEM’s only. The side mount option provides a large field of view of the sample suitable for imaging applications in general life science.

The SC200 can output high quality (gain normalized) LIVE images that are corrected for cosmetic defects or shading.


Feature Description
Operating Voltage 120 to 400kV
CCD Sensor Progressive interline device (2048 x 2048 pixels, 7.4 each)
CCD Active area 15mm x 15mm
Anti-blooming On-chip
Scintillator High-resolution phosphor optimized for kV
Coupling Fiber optics 1:1
Binning 1x 2x 4x
CCD readout Full or sub area
Magnification to film 1.3 - 1.4x
Readout speed 30MHz / 5MHz
Dynamic range 2500: 1(maximum/noise), 14 bit
Frame rate > 30fps @ 4x binning, full CCD area
Peltier cooling 10°C
Dark current < 2 counts / pixel / sec (1x binning)
Readout noise <10 counts
Mounting position On-axis TEM bottom port (retractable)
Gain uniformity Transparent gain correction and dark subtraction; better than 10% r.m.s. in uncorrected images; better than 0.5% r.m.s. in gain corrected image
Conversion efficiency >6 counts / primary electron (100kV)
Resolution (Nyquist freq.) >0.4 @ 100kV with 1x binning
Full Well 65,000 e-
Non-linearity <2%
Exposure setting 1msec - 30min
CCD overheat protection YES

Environmental Specifications

Feature Description
Power < 100W, 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Shipping weight 30-90 kg depending on configuration
Computer interface IEEE 1394b (Firewire 800). Compatible with 1394a (reduced fps)
Computer platform Windows 2000 Professional / Windows XP
Water connection YES, interconnect to existing TEM water line
Regulatory compliance PTB Standard



High performance digital TV CCD camera
Wide field of view (35mm port version)
Low-dose surveying
Fastest readout speed (30fps), full CCD
HREM Imaging capabilities
Best price-performance value

4 Megapixel CCD sensor (2048x 2048)
14-bit dynamic range
Temperature-regulated Peltier cooling
IEEE 1394b Firewire interface
In-situ Observation
Digital Video Streaming is standard