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    Components point of the profit of foreign companies to exploit local car prices
    Double-click automatically scroll Author:adminTime:2012-7-19

    Trapped in independent intellectual property rights, local car firms profit how to be "husband" exploit?

           The number of car sales in China surpassed the United States, but the auto companies are facing "increasing output without increasing the problem, one important reason is China's automobile proportion of independent intellectual property rights is still relatively low, income and more foreign companies make go.

           When 90% of car brands in China for joint venture production, when the introduction of models in the Chinese market flourishing, production and sales continued to grow, China's auto industry profits decline, the "increasing output without increasing the typical. Chinese auto industry, senior strategist Dingshu Xiong told reporters that in the analysis of this phenomenon, the most important independent intellectual property rights is weak, much of the profits for the rental costs of the foreign "husband" of intellectual property rights, in other words a large part of the profits are exploit the "husband" lost intellectual property rights owned by the joint venture car prices in China continued to "husband" to pay.

    Components point of the profitability of foreign companies

           At present, seemingly all of the auto companies there are "increasing output without increasing, but the reality is not a surface phenomenon is so simple.

           China's joint ventures in the entire automotive industry chain in the middle and lower reaches of the location, that is in the awkward position of the car dealers, car repair, need four to create channels for the convenience of consumers to buy cars, building a high "4S" shops, dealers posted the money to build stores subsidies to the manufacturers, "husband" to the original parts, the Chinese automotive shops rely on the maintenance of earned hours fee.

           The joint venture truly profitable channel is not in the vehicle sales and production parts in fact, the profitability of foreign investment. In the existing joint venture auto companies, foreign auto companies firmly in control of the technology and production and marketing of automotive spare parts.

           Analysis of industry experts, and enjoy all the state preferential policies, the reason why market share step by step to improve the joint venture profit has been declining even a loss, the most important reason is: the parts procurement costs are too high.

           At present, the joint venture the Chinese car companies because there is no technical advantage in the choice of spare parts is no right to speak.

           As joint venture partners of foreign profits in the domestic vehicle sales decline does not affect its components from the profits. However, vehicle sales profits equally with domestic joint ventures, parts of the profits derived from hides directly into foreign pockets.

           Recently, anonymity, domestic parts company CEOs said they, as private enterprises, in order to enter the domestic passenger car business procurement list rather difficult. Especially want to enter a joint venture brand, but "wishful thinking". Foreign parts suppliers, not foreign companies is imported from abroad by foreign companies a joint venture between local suppliers outsiders is difficult to enter.

    Own brand products with low added value

           Foreign companies do not seem to worry about vehicle falling profits and other income as a supplement, however, the decline in profits for the domestic enterprises also illustrates a more general problem, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, the same price of the product but not with the The joint venture brands compared.

           As Chery chairman Yin Yue, recently in the new conference that the domestic car in the degree of homogeneity of product, technical and foreign manufacturers increasingly high on the brand gap is also larger. The same quality of domestic cars and why the meat sold turnip price? In the final analysis is a value-added brands.

           Domestic enterprises, the new models launched in recent years has consistently emphasized that the localization rate of increase of the number, localization of parts are often not the engine core and key parts. It can be said that the exterior styling, interior and other parts "shell" to enhance industrial design, engine development and other "intellectual property" core kernel has not been much progress.

           Ding Shuxiong analysts believe that the strong dependence of China's car prices, independent R & D and manufacturing capacity is quite weak, but a serious shortage of funding of the independent intellectual property rights, resulting in the ability of hematopoietic Oxygenating partial, and can only watch as has intellectual property rights of foreign "husband" wantonly swallowed huge profits.


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